Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fashion Costume Jewelry – Following Trends or Setting Your Own

Some fashion costume jewelry follows exactly what it was originally named for: to buy very inexpensive items that can be worn with a specific outfit. These might be eccentric pieces, fashioned in the likeness of a hobby item, animal, insect, or even another fashion piece, like a hat.

Others are more abstract in design and are simply made to sparkle and please the eye. Eclectic pieces that echo vintage period jewelry are also very popular. The tendency to pair a vintage piece of jewelry with modern clothing is a lasting trend. It is also very popular to mix eras when wearing vintage jewelry and clothing.

The best bet for fashion rookies is to choose a classic or simple outfit and embellish it with one outstanding, vintage, or quirky piece of jewelry. This focuses the attention of those you might meet and creates a look that is not chaotic. Keeping your old costume jewelry can prove to be a very lucrative decision.

Even hard plastic Bakelite bracelets from the fifties and sixties have fetched a pretty penny from costume jewelry collectors in recent years.

The best rule of thumb with costume jewelry is to have fun. Choose what you love and wear it. When the trend changes, you get to go shopping again!