Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Lets Try Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling Jewelry Bracelet
Sterling silver bracelets come in dozens of designs ranging from traditional to ultra modern.
Sterling silver makes a great bracelet by itself. But, its beautiful silver color also makes a perfect background for a variety of gemstones like garnet, peridot, onyx, jade, and lapis.

You can find sterling silver plated in gold and rhodium as well. The beauty of sterling silver provides jewelry designers with an excellent base on which to start.

Sterling silver bracelets are perfect additions to anyone’s jewelry collection. You can find the perfect piece to add to your own or gift a bracelet to someone else. Sterling silver is a perfect metal to wear with just about any outfit. Its sturdiness makes it a good choice for everyday wear.

The option it provides makes it perfect for special occasions as well. Sterling silver works well in chains and charm bracelets as well. You can find a bracelet to match your desires quickly.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Men’s Ceramic Jewelry

For men who love unique pieces of jewelry, men's ceramic jewelry makes the perfect choice.

The ceramic material allows for a wide range of color applications. The matte finish of the ceramic piece also works well for a masculine edge.

One of the most popular colors in ceramic jewelry is actually black. On its own, it looks dramatic and bold. However, jewelers often inset gold for a more dramatic effect.

The dramatic contrast between gold and black is perfect for any man who likes to make a fashion statement.

Ceramic is an ancient craft of many cultures. Today jewelry makers are taking that craft to new levels. You can find a wide selection of ceramic pieces in our collection of men's ceramic jewelry. You can find the perfect piece for the men in your life who likes to make a dramatic statement. And they can do it with a unique piece that many people have never seen before.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fashion Costume Jewelry – Following Trends or Setting Your Own

Some fashion costume jewelry follows exactly what it was originally named for: to buy very inexpensive items that can be worn with a specific outfit. These might be eccentric pieces, fashioned in the likeness of a hobby item, animal, insect, or even another fashion piece, like a hat.

Others are more abstract in design and are simply made to sparkle and please the eye. Eclectic pieces that echo vintage period jewelry are also very popular. The tendency to pair a vintage piece of jewelry with modern clothing is a lasting trend. It is also very popular to mix eras when wearing vintage jewelry and clothing.

The best bet for fashion rookies is to choose a classic or simple outfit and embellish it with one outstanding, vintage, or quirky piece of jewelry. This focuses the attention of those you might meet and creates a look that is not chaotic. Keeping your old costume jewelry can prove to be a very lucrative decision.

Even hard plastic Bakelite bracelets from the fifties and sixties have fetched a pretty penny from costume jewelry collectors in recent years.

The best rule of thumb with costume jewelry is to have fun. Choose what you love and wear it. When the trend changes, you get to go shopping again!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Proper Care of Your Jewelry

There are cleaning solutions intended for a wide variety of different pieces and types of jewelry. For example, the cleaning solution that you use for gold jewelry may not be the same as the one that you should use for tarnished silver. If your jewelry features precious stones or semi-precious stones, you may need an entirely different cleaning solution all together. This means that using the right jewelry cleaning solution is integral to keeping all of your jewelry in good shape for the long haul, which is vitally important if you plan to keep it for any length of time.

When you buy a piece of jewelry, do some research on its materials to find out what type of cleaning solution is going to keep it in good shape. Make sure to look into preventative measures to keep from your jewelry becoming dirty in the first place, such as using anti-tarnish strips when storing your silver jewelry. Never forget that using the right jewelry cleaning solution plays an important part of keeping your jewelry in the best possible shape, especially if you want to be able to pass it down to future generations.